CampFS is an app that lets you stream music and browse Bandcamp as files on your computer.


With CampFS, you can browse and discover music easily.

  • Search for artists, albums, labels and songs
  • Browse music via tags
  • Find similar artists and albums
  • Stream music with the music player of your choice
  • Access high quality albums


You can sign up for the open CampFS open beta here!

About CampFS

Over the last decade, it became harder to find new music that I like. I grew up with Yahoo’s music recommendation system, and Pandora. As a result, I developed esoteric (read: bad) tastes and I took music discovery as given. Spotify and streaming platforms don’t scratch the itch that and Myspace did 15 years ago.

Enter Soundcloud and Bandcamp, two platforms that let anyone easily distribute music and get paid for it. I love them. Acts in my favorite subgenres tend to adhere to a DIY ethic, and Bandcamp enables that through a generous compensation program for labels and artists. Where artists might only make a few cents with a thousand Spotify plays, they can recoup 80-85% of purchase price of content they sell on Bandcamp. If we’re honest, that’s a better deal than the 30% cut Apple and Google take via their app stores.

To ease and automate music discovery for myself, I built a utility that connects with various music streaming platforms like Google Music, Soundcloud and Bandcamp.

In the interest of supporting artists, this app does not enable piracy. Only content that labels and artists list as free to download are accessible. Links to buy content and support artists are plentiful throughout the browsing experience.

After talking with other music lovers in my favorite scenes, it seems that Bandcamp became the Myspace du jour for underground music in 2019. I chose to release this app so that other people can discover music and support artists with the same ease that I can.