Premium Calculation and Fee Table
Premium Calculation and Fee Table

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Premium Calculator


Built a premium calculator with Javascript ES6+ and React for a title agency.

Javascript ES6 React HTML5 SemanticUI Netlify
Ghostwritten article on Python's relative growth in industry.
Ghostwritten article on Python's relative growth in industry.

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Technical Writing

2017 - 2019

Wrote documentation, tutorials and articles on software development as a freelance technical writer and ghostwriter.

Topics range from computer science concepts to software engineering and system administration.

You can check out a couple of my articles here and here.

Pandoc Markdown Sphinx-Doc
Tweets Over Time
A line graph displaying the number of tweets containing a viral phrase over time.

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Data Mining and Visualization


Analyzed over 300,000 posts and comments to visualize the spead of viral news content on social media networks.

Fixed, ported and customized Python 2 libraries to Python 3.

Pandas numpy Python 2 Python 3 matplotlib
Drop Down Menu
Screencast of the menu plug-in running on a client's site.

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CMS Plugin


Wrote a plug-in that generates drop-down menus from blog post categories.

Javascript/ES6 Wordpress REST API CSS 3 HTML5
Application Menu
Main menu of the Android application.

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Android Application

2015 - 2016

Built an Android application to notify teachers about potential leads on 3rd party job aggregators.

Java Android SDK HTML5 CSS 3
Job View
Job confirmation page with map option

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Web Application

2014 - 2016

Built a web application to notify teachers about potential leads on 3rd party job aggregators.

Flask Python 3 PostgreSQL Celery Javascript Bootstrap Docker

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Data Mining


Collected and analyzed dating profiles for Univerity research project.

Python 3 numpy


Plug-in Screenshot
Search pane of plug-in displaying results for an artist query.

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Mobile Application Plugin


Created a search plug-in for Transdrone, a BitTorrent application for Android.

Java Android SDK


Dupebot.com's Homepage
Screenshot of Reverse Image Search Engine

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Reverse Media Search Engine


I built a search engine that indexes 400,000+ images and can search them in O(log n) time.

nginx SQL Flask Docker
Brightness daemon

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Brightness is a daemon that dims Mac displays using facial recognition. I reverse engineered undocumented macOS APIs to achieve this.

Python 3 Reverse Engineering CoreDisplay OpenCV ML
DupeBot's Avatar
Screenshot of DupeBot's Reddit avatar

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Duplicate Content Bot

2017 - 2018

DupeBot uses computer vision to determine if an image submitted to Reddit is a repost, even if the image was modified.

SQL OpenCV Docker

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2015 - 2016

Automate screenshots from the macOS command-line.

screenshot is a command line utility that lets you specify an application name and window title in order to take a screenshot of a specific window.


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2015 - 2016

Data recovery utility that extracts chats from Skype's main.db and saves them as text files.

SQL Python

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HtmlWrapper is a small and fast drop-in replacement for BeautifulSoup4.

HtmlWrapper translates a subset of the BeautifulSoup4 API into XPath selectors, then uses a much faster lxml-based backend to parse HTML.

Python 3 lxml XPath