On Ubuntu 18.04 and earlier, Firefox is compiled with the GTK Global Menu patch.

On newer Ubuntu releases, Firefox isn’t compiled with the patch. You need to hit the Alt key on your keyboard to show the application menu.

I use Plasma Desktop with the Window AppMenu Applet to simulate the global menu from macOS. It works with both Qt and GTK applications, but Firefox doesn’t take advantage of it.

This script will download the latest version of Firefox from Ubuntu 18.04’s repositories, install it and hold its version to prevent it from being updated to a version from a newer Ubuntu release.

Installation Script


You need to have Bash, curl, wget, byobu and pup installed.

To install the first four, you can use apt:

$ sudo apt install bash curl wget byobu

pup is packaged for Debian Sid. You can use dpkg to install it.


You can check out the script on GitHub.